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THANKS to Government intervention (trying to make me raise my pups in CAGES on CEMENT or GRAVEL), I no longer raise puppies of any kind!! That is CRUELTY TO ANIMALS in MY opinion. A puppy should be raised in the house or on GRASS, not in some "sterile cage".

***FYI: I do not sell "breeding" animals. I sell my pups/kittens for PETS!! However, I do not restrict the registration papers, nor do I make you sign a contract *(unless otherwise noted with the animal listed). In other words, if YOU want to use the animal for breeding, that is Your Decision. I do not "guarantee" that the animal I sell you will be a "breeding quality" animal.

I do guarantee that the animal will be a healthy pup/kitten when it leaves here to go to it's new home.***


KITTEN Deposits are $50 Each.

PUPPY Deposits are $100 Each (for MINIATURE Schnauzers).

PUPPY Deposits are $300 Each (for GIANT Schnauzers).

PUPPY Deposits are $100 to $300 Each (for GERMAN SHEPHERDS, depending on total price of pup -- ask before you place a deposit.)

1) Deposits can be paid by CASH, CHECK, or thru PayPal online.

2) Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE if YOU change your mind, etc. HOWEVER - Deposits WILL BE REFUNDED if the pup/kitten gets sick, dies, etc.

3a) Deposits will be refunded if they are put down on a "future" or "coming litter" of pups/kittens and that animal/litter does not "come".

3b) Also, If you place a deposit (With a NOTE saying Specifically what you want) for a "Specific Animal" before that animal is born (Such as you ONLY want a "Flame Pt. kitten" or you ONLY want a "Pepper/Salt Giant Schnauzer pup", etc.) then if the litter does not include what YOU Specified your deposit was for, I will REFUND your deposit or I can HOLD it for the next litter. YOU Need to SPECIFY (IN WRITING) which you want me to do.

3c) Before you place a deposit, you need to CALL me (573-759-6959) or EMAIL ME, to be sure the animal is available.

3d) When you place a deposit YOU need to Include your FULL NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE #, EMAIL Address, etc. ALSO -- You need to include a NOTE with all "pertinent information" such as:

a) Siamese Kitten, Breed of pup, etc.

b) Sire & Dam of litter of pup/kitten you are wanting.

c) Color point of kitten, or color of pup you want.

d) Length of hair coat on pup you want.

e) Specify if you want Male or Female.

f) ANY/ALL Other information that pertains to the animal you are placing the deposit on!! (If you don't care what Color, then Specify that, etc.)

4a) Once a deposit is placed, that is a "promise" that you will buy that animal when it is ready to go to it's new home...

4b) IF I can NOT REACH you, to Notify you that your puppy/kitten is ready to go, I will try for 5 (FIVE) Days to reach you. After 5 days, if I can not get hold of you, I will Put Your animal up for re-sale and it will be at MY OPTION whether to KEEP your deposit or to Hold it for the next litter.

5a) When I notify you that the animal is ready to go to it's new home, you will have 5 (FIVE) Days in which to pick that animal up, Unless other arrangements are Agreed upon by both you and ME.

5b) IF you do Not pick up your animal within 5 days, and you do not notify me (and with a Good reason) of the delay, then the animal will go up for sale again, and I will KEEP your deposit.

5c) IF you can not pick up your animal within 5 days, but you still want the animal, then arrangements can "probably" be made for me to BOARD the animal at the cost of $5 per day. (FIVE DOLLARS PER DAY.)

6) If you have paid a deposit on an animal and you find that circumstances prevent you from accepting the animal when it's ready, then it is "possible" that we can arrange for me to "hold" the deposit for the next available litter. But ONLY if you NOTIFY me IMMEDIATELY. (IF you wait until I have notified you that the animal is ready to be picked up and then tell me that you can't/won't take it right now, then I have the option of Keeping your deposit, placing the animal up for re-sale, and not selling you a future animal.)

I am sorry for being so Strict with all this, but I find it is necessary because of buyers taking advantage of me, over and over again. The majority of buyers are very nice, considerate people, but some are not very considerate. In one case, I held on to 2 kittens for an extra 2 months, because the buyer didn't want them "just yet"... In another case, I held a kitten for almost a month and then the buyer decided they didn't really want it after all... I've had people place deposits and then I can't get hold of them when the kitten is ready to go, and have had to hold the kitten for a month until I finally got hold of them. I have had the same sort of experiences with puppy buyers. I just can't keep "holding" all these pups/kittens for long periods of time, for free. It's not fair to ME, and it's not fair to the ANIMALS who could/should be in their "forever, loving, homes"!! And it's not fair to other buyers who are Waiting on an animal but can't buy "this one" because you have a deposit on it but won't come get it.


And again, I apologize for all the "rules" but it just can't be helped.

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