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NO KITTEN will leave my place unless you have a CRATE, KENNEL, BOX, CAGE, etc. with you, to transport it in.

The kitten is YOURS from the moment it “leaves my hands” and goes to your hands or in to your crate/kennel/box/cage, etc.

The reason for this is because I recently had some people come get a kitten that was “fairly tame” but wasn’t used to strangers, and they came to get him (and I TOLD THEM to bring a crate to transport the kittens in - they were buying two) but they “forgot” their crate they said. They said they were going to “hold” them on the way home! (I’ve had lots of customers  who have done this in the past, too, but no more. I won’t let it happen.) I was holding the kittens. I handed one each to the husband and wife. I said DO NOT LET THEM LOOSE, or my dogs may kill them. Well, of course, the tiniest kitten unexpectedly leapt from the man’s arms, as he was getting into his car, and ran into a Big Woodpile by my drive!!!!! Way up under all that wood!! (If it had ran into the yard instead, my dogs probably WOULD of killed it!!) Anyway, they wanted me to give them a “different” kitten. I refused. So they moved wood for about 30 to 45 minutes and by a MIRACLE, they did find the kitten all hunkered down and scared. (Then, they wanted to know if I’d sell them MY crate, I’d carried the kittens out in. I did not. I need my crate) and took it home!!

That’s not the first kitten I’ve had people “let loose” here, when I TOLD THEM to HANG ON TIGHT because the kittens are scared out there with the dogs barking, etc.

I’m not going thru that anymore, ever again! Every kitten will go from my hands into a crate. (If “I” manage to let it loose, then it’s MY problem, not theirs.) If the new owner insists on “holding” it, it’s no longer MY Kitten the instant it leaves my hands. If they “lose” it, then they are out the money. (Altho, honestly, “IF” I’d found the kitten after they left, I’d of called them to come and get it.)

Anyway, sorry to sound so harsh, but, I want to make sure you “understand” AND that you bring a kennel/crate, etc.

That was SO VERY Upsetting to ME (and probably to the new owners, too) when that kitty ran into that wood pile. (And still gives me chills to think about it!!) I figured we’d never get him out and that he’d come out in the night and get killed. I just can’t take that kind of “stress” again, when it can be PREVENTED. It’s not fair to the KITTENS!

I always “stress” to the buyers, when I send directions to my home, to BRING A CRATE, but many do not. I always tell them the kittens will be scared, that the kittens could escape when they stop for gas, or have a flat tire or anything else, or, WORSE yet, what if the kitten gets up under the driver’s feet and causes an accident?? But, still, there are many buyers who show up here with NO Crate, saying they are going to “hold” the kitten all the way home! Luckily, MOST of them make it without incident, but it only takes ONE TIME, to be a real catastrophe!!

I am considering buying a few “extra” crates to have on hand and sell to buyers who show up without one, but I’ve not as yet had the money to buy crates with. Maybe someday. Because I know that a person can “forget” a crate. I have basically NO Memory, myself, so I do understand if a crate is forgotten. But, That last incident stressed me SO MUCH, I just can’t stand the Thought of that happening again. So now, I “insist” on a crate, even if the buyer has to leave here and go buy one, then come back. (Even a good, cardboard box, with PLENTY of (appropriately sized) air holes and TAPED SHUT GOOD, would be better than “nothing”, in my opinion.

Anyway, now you know the “explanation” for why I insist on the kitten leaving here in a crate/kennel, etc.

Thanks for your understanding. I hope you have a  crate already, because I know they can be a bit expensive. But if you don’t have one and can’t afford one, like I said, a GOOD Box would work in a pinch.
And having a crate on hand is always a good idea in case you need to take your critter to the vet., or in case you have to "evacuate" your house for any reason (fire, storms, etc.) or any other number of good reasons. 

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