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"RainMaker" (CTR Eagle's RainMaker) is our "future" stallion. We purchased him as a weanling. He's 2 years old in 2006 and we may breed a very few mares to him to see how he does. He's a nice looking horse, tho not a real big horse. He has alot of true BLACK behind him and alot of LEOPARDS behind him. We are hoping that along with great conformation and a calm attitude, that he will pass along some Black Leopards.

"CTR Eagle's RainMaker"
"RainMaker" - Our "younger" stallion.


Meet JO! He is our "current" stallion. We raised Jo from a weanling and we had high hopes for his foals. We were not disappointed! Jo throws good color along with his nice size, conformation, and wonderful personality, onto his foals. Jo is 3 generations (4 if you count Him) ALL APPALOOSA breeding, before you get to the fist "out-cross". We are getting some "F-4" babies from him and our nice mares. That is exciting. Be sure to keep checking back, as I will try to post pictures of all the new foals as they come along each year!

Joholer's Nite Wind *ApHC# 602916
DOB: 30 May, 2001 (NN) (Click on Jo's Pic for PEDIGREE & More Pictures).

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This is CISCO!! I used him for "test" breeding 2 mares in 2003. We'll know early in 2004 just what kind of foals he throws. Cisco is a wonderful GELDING, and will make a very nice riding horse. However, as a stallion, he was a BIG Disappointment to me. I took a "gamble" and bought him "Sight Un-Seen" and I LOST the gamble. I placed my trust in the "Seller" and was lied to about the CONFORMATION, the "GAIT" and "potential" of Cisco as a breeding stallion. I was SO disappointed when I first saw Cisco as he stepped off the hauler's trailer. I knew immediately that I had been "screwed". But, when you gamble, you sometimes have to lose I guess. It's just a bad thought to know there are some so called "horse breeders" out there who will lie to sell a horse! Anyway, I decided to go ahead and "test breed" 3 mares to Cisco, but after breeding 2 mares, the 3rd mare kicked him (in pasture) and so he was gelded just about 2 weeks before we had "Planned" on gelding him... At any rate, as I said, he has a wonderful personality and will make a great riding horse and friend. CLICK ON CISCO'S PICTURE FOR HIS PEDIGREE AND MORE PICS!

Cisco Coups Diablo *ApHC# 608700
DOB: 1 May, 2000

This is LEGEND! Legend is a stallion that I bred and raised. We used him to breed our mares in 2002. He was only a very young 2yr. old so he didn't settle too many mares. But, the foals he did throw were GREAT!!! One was a nice, red leopard colt out of a mare I bred and raised, ("Whisper", who has since been sold with her colt to a man in Oklahoma). The other colt was born dead, unfortunately, but he was black with a frosty blanket. A 3rd mare lost her foal early in the pregnancy. Legend is currently FOR SALE, but if he's not sold at breeding time next year, I plan to breed him to a few of my mares again, as I was impressed with the foals we got from him! CLICK ON LEGEND'S PICTURE FOR HIS PEDIGREE AND MORE PICS!

DW Magic Pony Legend *ApHC# 597583
DOB: 22 May, 2000 (Bred by: Deloris J. Willis -Missouri)


This is PONY!! I purchased Pony as an UN-BORN foal, because I liked the dam and sire and wanted to take a chance. Boy, did that gamble ever pay off!! Pony is an absolutely WONDERFUL horse. I raised him from a baby and got several very nice foals from him. Many of which I still own today! ("Spirit", "Breez", "Legend", "Sly Dog", and others all came from Pony!) Pony always seemed to be pretty much a "one person horse" and I was the only one he "responded" to. (He especially did not trust men.) But the time came I needed to sell him to "move up" with my breeding program, so I searched a long while and finally a miracle!! Stephanie & Ben came to look at him and it was love at first sight!! Pony even went right up to them BOTH and loved on them. I knew it would be ok, so they purchased Pony from me and they still own and love him. Pony currently lives in the state of California. CLICK ON PONY'S PICTURE FOR HIS PEDIGREE AND MANY MORE PICTURES!! He is one BEAUTIFUL Horse!

Sunset Warrior Pony *ApHC# 554839 -ICAA# F21993
Foaled: 11 April, 1996 (Photo taken May,2000 by Deloris J. Willis)

This is SUNDEE!! SunDee was the very first stallion I ever owned. The first stallion that I bred and raised and kept myself. Before SunDee, I had always hauled my mares to "outside" stallions to be bred. SunDee was such a sweet boy and so gentle natured, just like his mom, "Malia Muncy", who I had owned for years. He spoiled me. After raising, owning, and using SunDee for my stallion, I very rarely ever again hauled to an outside stud. When it came time to move "up" with my breeding program, I bought "Pony" and used him. I had been "brought up" believing that a stallion is a dangerous animal and only men can handle them. SunDee showed me how WRONG that is!! And, every stallion I've owned so far, has also proved that they are very gentle, loving creatures. I have NEVER owned a "mean" or "dangerous" or "Un-predictable" stallion. Maybe that's because I ONLY own APPALOOSA stallions. Appaloosa's are so Naturally gentle anyway. They just seem to be born gentle.

I would certainly LOVE to get another Appaloosa with SunDee's build. I really like the "short coupled" horses, and they are a bit hard to find these days. I still own one filly out of SunDee, "DW Malia's Legacy" (aka: "Malia"), and I hope that one day she will give me a nice foal with the short back that SunDee had. His COLOR on it would be a real Bonus!!

Malia's SunDeeStar *ApHC# 479285
DOB:14 Sept., 1988 (Bred By Deloris J. Willis -Missouri)

NO DRUGS in APPALOOSA show horses!!!
Fight the new ApHC policy ALLOWING MORE DRUGS in our Appaloosa's!!


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